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IPA [ˈɪnstɪtuːt](미국), [ˈɪnstɪtjuːt](영국)



  • the suit may be instituted in any Court within the local limits of whose jurisdiction 소송이 관할권을 갖는 법원에 제기될 수 있다. (따옴The Code Of Civil Procedure, 1908 (Act No. 5 of 1908))
  • This Convention shall continue to be applicable to arbitral awards in respect of which recognition or enforcement proceedings have been instituted before the denunciation takes effect. 폐기가 발효되기 전에 시작된 판정의 승인이나 집행절차에 관하여는 이 협약이 계속하여 적용된다. (따옴Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards)