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  • 1. 끝난, 완료된
The show is over. 공연이 끝났다.
  • 2. 헤어진, 인연을 끊은
He is finally over his ex-girlfriend. 그는 결국 여자친구와 헤어졌다.
  • 3. (접두사적 용법) 지나친, 너무, 초(超)~
The latest policy was over-conservative. 최근의 정책은 너무 보수적이다.


  • 1. ...의 에, 표면에.
  • over the surface
  • over all regions 전 지역에서
  • Did you know that over twenty percents of all plastic containers are now being recycled into new customer and industrial products? 플라스틱 용기의 20퍼센트 이상이 새로운 소비 제품 및 산업용 제품으로 재활용되고 있다는 사실을 알고 계셨습니까?
  • We have over half an hour. 30분 이상 시간이 있어요.
  • How tall are they? — They are over two meters. 그들의 키는 어떻게 됩니까? — 2미터가 넘습니다.
  • 4. ... 을 하면서.


  • Game over!
  • 6. 여분으로, 과하게, 더군다나.
  • 파생어 목록:
overact overactive overage overall overanxious
overarm overbalance overblow overboard overbuild
overburden overburdensome overbusy overcome overcapacity
overcast overcautious overcharge overcoat overconfident
overcrowd overdevelop overdo overdraw overdress
overdrive overflow overhand overkill overlap
overlook overmuch overrule oversea oversleep
overtake overthrow overture overvalue overweight