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IPA [ˈkɑfi]
  • coffee with cream and sugar 크림과 설탕을 넣은 커피
  • brew coffee 커피를 끓이다
  • How much coffee does he drink every day? - He drinks five or six cups of coffee. 그는 날마나 커피를 얼마나 마시나요? 그는 5, 6 잔의 커피를 마십니다.
  • 참조: 함께 쓰이는 형용사 strong | weak | black, dark | milky(esp. BrE), white(BrE) | frothy(esp. BrE) | sweet | bitter | hot, steaming | lukewarm | cold | iced | flavoured/flavored, hazelnut | fresh | excellent, expensive, good | gourmet, organic, specialty(AmE) | decaf, decaffeinated | filter(esp. BrE), ground, percolated, real | instant | Irish(= with whiskey added),Turkish(= very strong, black and sweet) | afternoon, morning
  • strong coffee 진한 커피
  • decaffeinated coffee 카페인 없는 커피
  • 참조: 함께 쓰이는 명사(coffee + 명사) cup, mug | machine, maker, percolator, pot | grounds | bean | break,klatch(AmE) | bar, shop
  • I bought one of your deluxe coffee makers, Swiss Model 50. 제가 그쪽 (회사의) 디럭스 커피 메이커인 스위스 모델 50을 하나 구입했습니다.