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IPA [dɪsˈpleɪs](미국), [dɪsˈpleɪs/dɪzˈpleɪs](영국)
  • 1. 이동시키다, 추방하다. [To move something, or someone, especially to forcibly move people from their homeland.]
  • displaced person 난민(難民)
  • 2. 대신[대체]하다 [To supplant, or take the place of something or someone; to substitute.]
  • Unless displaced by the particular provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code, 통일상법전의 개별 규정에 의하여 대체되지 아니하는 한,...
  • 3. (배가) ~의 배수량가지다.[(of a floating ship) To have a weight equal to that of the water displaced.]