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IPA [lɔː]
  • 1. (입법부가 제정한) , 법률 [The body of rules and standards issued by the legislative body, or to be applied by courts and similar authorities.]
  • This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of England. 이 계약은 영국법에 따라 규율된다.
  • 파생어 목록:
lawbreaker lawful lawless lawgiver lawmaker
lawofficer lawyer
  • 복합어:
law court law school business law civil law commercial law
constitutional law criminal law trade law
  • 2. 법규.[A particular such rule.]
  • 3. (일반적인) 법칙.[(more generally) A written or understood rule that concerns behaviours and their consequences. Laws are usually associated with mores.]
  • 4. (과학적인) 법칙 [(sciences, strictly) A well-established, observed physical characteristic or behavior of nature. The word is used to simply identify "what happens," without implying any explanatory mechanism or causation. Compare to theory.]
  • Murphy's law : 머피의 법칙
  • Newton's laws of motion : 뉴턴의 운동 법칙
  • 6. (형평법에 대비하여) 일반법 [A category of English "common law" petitions that request monetary relief, as opposed to relief in forms other than a monetary judgment; compare to "equity".]
  • the principles of law and equity 보통법과 형평법의 원칙들
  • a customary law 관습법
  • When there is no provision in this Act as to a commercial matter, the commercial customary law shall apply; and if there is no such law, the provisions of the Civil Act shall apply. 상사에 관하여 본법에 규정이 없으면 상관습법에 의하고 상관습법이 없으면 민법의 규정에 의한다. (따옴Commercial Act of South Korea art. 1 )