위키낱말사전, 말과 글의 누리
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IPA [pɹɒbləm]


  • I'd like to review the Andover account with you. 앤도버 사와의 거래를 함께 검토하고 싶습니다. / Good idea. There may be some problems. 좋은 생각입니다. 문제가 좀 있을지도 모릅니다.
  • No problem. 문제 없어, 괜찮아.
  • 참조: 함께 쓰이는 단어(동사 + problem) be, pose, present (sb with), remain | have | seem | develop | bring, cause, create, pose | complicate, compound | be beset with, be confronted by, be confronted with, be dogged by(esp. BrE), be faced with, be fraught with, confront, encounter, experience, face, run into, suffer | battle | attribute, blame | raise | see | define | acknowledge, admit, recognize | understand | anticipate, foresee | detect, discover, identify, isolate, pinpoint, spot | indicate, point out | assess, examine, investigate, study | diagnose, figure out(esp. AmE), work out | consider, debate, discuss, look at, look into | describe, frame(esp. AmE) | address, approach, attack, combat, come to grips with, counter, get to grips with, grapple with, handle, manage, tackle | illustrate | highlight, underscore(esp. AmE) | mask | avoid, circumvent, find a way around, find a way round(esp. BrE), get around, get round(esp. BrE), prevent, sidestep | ignore | overlook | forget | clear up, correct, cure, deal with, eliminate, fix(esp. AmE), iron out, overcome, rectify, remedy, repair, resolve, settle, solve, sort out, troubleshoot | alleviate, ease, minimize, mitigate, reduce, relieve, simplify | aggravate, exacerbate, exaggerate, magnify, worsen | analyse/analyze, explore
  • What is the problem? 무엇이 문제인가?
  • If you do have any problems, please feel free to talk to me. ― Thanks, I really appreciate it. 문제가 생기면 언제든 저에게 말씀해 주세요. ― 고마워요, 감사드려요.
  • What seems to be the problem? 혹시 무슨 문제라도 있나요?
  • And yet not create new problems either for the world community or for the member states. 그리고 아직 국제 사회나 회원국에 대한 새로운 의제를 만들지도 못했습니다.







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IPA [ˈprɔblɛm]