위키낱말사전, 말과 글의 누리


a room
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IPA [ru:m]
  • I hate spiderwebs in my room. 나는 방에 거미줄이 생기는 것을 싫어한다.
  • Your room is really tiny.너의 방은 진짜 아주 좁아.
  • That big room is theirs. 저 큰 방은 그들의 것이다.
  • 참조: 함께 쓰이는 동사 [동사 + room] burst into, come into, creep into, enter, go into, hurry into, march into, reach, run into, rush into, slip into, sneak into, step into, storm into, stride into, walk into, wander into | back out of, come out of, creep out of, exit, flounce out of, go out of, hurry out of, leave, march out of, run out of, rush out of, slip out of, step out of, storm out of, stride out of, walk out of | show sb to, usher sb into | cross | go around, go round(esp. BrE) | wander around, wander round(esp. BrE), wander through | walk, walk around, walk round(esp. BrE) | pace, pace around, pace round(esp. BrE) | prowl, prowl around, prowl round(esp. BrE) | echo around, echo round(esp. BrE), echo through, run around, run round(esp. BrE) | glance around, glance round(esp. BrE), look around, look round(esp. BrE), scan | search | fill | clean, tidy(esp. BrE) | decorate, paint(BrE) | air, air out(AmE), ventilate | light | share | occupy | vacate | set aside | book, hire(esp. BrE), rent
  • Who cleans this room? 이 방은 누가 청소하니?
  • The man is painting a room. 남자가 방에 페인트칠을 하고 있다.