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a car
  • Her car needs to be fixed. 그 여자의 차는 수리가 필요하다.
  • These cars are very expensive. 이 자동차들은 매우 비싸다.
  • 참조: 함께 쓰이는 동사 : (동사 + car) drive | have, own, run(esp. BrE) | lease | trade(AmE), trade in | take(esp. BrE) | borrow | get in, get into, pile into | exit(AmE,formal), get out of | start | pull over, pull up, stop | back, reverse | steer, swerve | overtake, pass | lose control of | leave, park | lock, unlock | abandon, dump | crash, wreck(esp. AmE) | impound(esp. AmE), tow, tow away, tow off | race | build, make, manufacture, produce | fix, repair, service, work on | take in(AmE)(AmE) | wash | hire(esp. BrE), rent(esp. AmE) | break into, hot-wire(informal), steal
  • I have two cars. 나는 차를 2대 가지고 있다.
  • Some cars are stopped at a traffic light. 몇몇 자동차들이 신호등에 멈춰 있다.
  • They are parking their cars along the curb. 그들은 인도를 따라 자동차를 주차하고 있다.


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