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IPA [t∫éindʒ]


  • The goal is to vaccinate everyone before the virus has a chance to change, making the existing vaccines less effective. 그 목적은 바이러스가 변이할 기회를 가져 현존하는 백신의 효력이 별로 없어지게 되는 일이 생기기 전에 모두에게 백신을 접종하려는 것이다.
  • She wants to change something. 그 여자는 무언가를 바꾸고 싶어한다.
  • to change a date 날짜를 바꾸기 위하여
  • Who's going to change the tires? 누가 타이어를 교체할 건가요?


  • When will the change take place? 그 변화는 언제 일어날 것인가?
  • 참조: 함께 쓰이는 형용사 : big, considerable, dramatic, drastic, enormous, extensive, far-reaching, fundamental, important, major, marked, massive, momentous, noticeable, profound, radical, revolutionary, sea, significant, substantial, sweeping | complete, wholesale | irreversible | systematic | cosmetic, marginal, minimal, minor, slight, small, subtle | symbolic | lasting, long-term, permanent | short-term | abrupt, rapid, sudden | gradual | seasonal | net, overall | global | qualitative, quantitative | beneficial, desirable, effective, exciting, nice, pleasant, positive, refreshing, welcome | unwelcome | unanticipated, unexpected, unforeseen | planned | climate, constitutional, cultural, demographic, economic, environmental, evolutionary, legislative, organizational, political, population, social, structural, technological, temperature | career, culture, gear, lifestyle, name, personality, policy, regime, rule, sex
  • I want to talk to you today about a big idea, a big change in the way your Government works. 오늘은 여러분께 여러분의 정부가 움직이는 방법에 있어서 큰 생각, 큰 변화에 대하여 얘기하고자 합니다. (따옴Presidential Radio Address - 6 June 1992)
  • symbolic change of command 지휘권의 상징적인 변경 (따옴w:en:Cuba)
  • The public took to the streets to protest over the planned change to the law. 시민들이 법률 개정에 항의하기 위하여 거리를 점령하였다.