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IPA [haʊs]



  • Those houses are not new. 저 집들은 새 것이 아니다.
  • 참조: 함께 쓰이는 동사 : live in, occupy | share | buy, rent | sell | have, own | let(esp. BrE), let out(esp. BrE), rent out | repossess(esp. BrE) | move(BrE), move into, move out of, go into | set up | keep | play | build | demolish, knock down, tear down | maintain | decorate(esp. BrE), do up(BrE), redecorate, refurbish, renovate | furnish | clean | insulate, rewire | add onto, extend | search | wake up
  • Who lives in this house? 누가 이 집에 살지요?
  • I went into his house. 나는 그의 집에 들어갔다.


IPA [hàuz]
  • The king's official residence is the Grand Palace, which dates to 1782 and has housed Thailand's monarchs for over 150 years. 국왕의 공식적인 거주지는 방콕 왕궁인데, 1782년까지 거슬러 가서 약 150여년간 타이의 왕이 살아 온 곳이다. (따옴w:en:Bangkok#Tourism)