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IPA [haʊs] 
Those houses are not new. 저 집들은 새 것이 아니다.
Are you going to the open house this Saturday? ― I'll be a bit late, but I'll definitely be there. 이번주 토요일에 오픈 하우스에 가시나요? ― 조금 늦을 것 같지만 확실히 가긴 갈 겁니다.
참조:  함께 쓰이는 동사 : live in, occupy | share | buy, rent | sell | have, own | let(esp. BrE), let out(esp. BrE), rent out | repossess(esp. BrE) | move(BrE), move into, move out of, go into | set up | keep | play | build | demolish, knock down, tear down | maintain | decorate(esp. BrE), do up(BrE), redecorate, refurbish, renovate | furnish | clean | insulate, rewire | add onto, extend | search | wake up
Who lives in this house? 누가 이 집에 살지요?
I went into his house. 나는 그의 집에 들어갔다.
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IPA [hàuz] 

타동사 (vt

The king's official residence is the Grand Palace, which dates to 1782 and has housed Thailand's monarchs for over 150 years. 국왕의 공식적인 거주지는 방콕 왕궁인데, 1782년까지 거슬러 가서 약 150여년간 타이의 왕이 살아 온 곳이다. (따옴w:en:Bangkok#Tourism)