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They are paving a road.
  • Japan's road spending has also been large. 일본에서는 도로에 쓰이는 지출이 증가되어 왔다.
  • 참조: 함께 쓰이는 동사 : follow, go down(figurative) | take, turn into(BrE), turn onto | turn off | pull (out) into(BrE), pull (out) onto | leave, pull off | drive(esp. AmE), travel(also figurative), walk(esp. AmE,often figurative) | choose | cross, get across | join, meet(esp. AmE) | block, block off(esp. AmE), blockade, close, cordon off(BrE) | clog, clog up(BrE) | clear | build, construct, rebuild | maintain, mend(BrE), repair | pave, resurface(BrE), surface(BrE) | widen | line
  • The road is being repaired. 도로가 수리되는 중이다.
  • Construction workers are paving a road with bricks. 공사 인부 몇 명이 벽돌로 길을 포장하고 있다.