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IPA [ˈves.əl]
  • 1. (항해) , 선박, 함선.(1300년경부터) (Any craft designed for transportation on water, such as a ship or boat.)
  • Vessel shall proceed to a safe berth, dock, anchorage or any other place whatsoever as ordered by the Charterer. 선박은 안전한 정박지, 독, 앵커리지 또는 용선자가 지시하는 그 밖의 장소로 나아가야 한다.
  • The vessels on which Magellan made his famous trip around the world, which lasted many years, were not as large as a modern ferryboat. 마젤란이 수년간을 지속적으로 전세계를 항해하는 데 이용했던 배들도 현대의 페리보트만큼 크지 않았다. (따옴헨드릭 빌럼 판 론, 《The Story of Mankind》〈THE GREAT DISCOVERIES〉(1921))
  • 2. (하늘·우주를 나는) ~ 선 (A craft designed for transportation through air or space. )
  • 4. 물건을 담는 그릇, 용기.(1300년경부터) (A container of liquid or other substance, such as a glass, goblet, cup, bottle, bowl, or pitcher. )
  • 관용구: pressure vessel (공기조화냉동공학) 압력 용기(壓力容器)